Monday, December 7, 2020

Monday of the Second Week of Advent

Saint Ambrose, Bishop and Doctor (340-397)

Other saints: Saint Sabinus and Companions, Martyrs (?303); Saint Josepha Rossello, Foundress (1811-1880)

Pearl Harbor Day (79th Anniversary)

Readings of the Day

RB: Ch 55:1-14 Clothing and Footwear

Mass: Is 35:1-10; Resp Ps 85; Lk 5:17-26

Our God will come to save us.


Today is one of the those days. Well, it is Monday, which in some ways speaks for itself. 😉 However, I am thinking about today's Gospel, especially the first paragraph verses 17-20. When I read those verses last night it was like I read them for the first time. I was imagining the scene. First, it was Jesus teaching, with others present, no doubt skeptical others. Here's the line that came to me entirely new: "the power of the Lord was with Him for healing" (Lk 5:17). What did Jesus look like? I think of Him radiating with Divine Power. He was radiating so that others wanted to be in His presence, to experience that power, the power of healing. The men with the stretcher are trying every which way to get to Jesus. Their friend is paralyzed and they want him to receive the healing power. Not finding a way in through a more customary route, like through the door, they went up on the roof and lowered the man through the tiles right into the middle in front of Jesus! (Lk 5:19). They believed that Jesus would heal their friend. As for the friends, Jesus saw their faith, and forgave their sins. As for the man who was paralyzed, Jesus said to him: Pick up your stretcher and go home (Lk 5:24). May we be so eager to be in the presence of Jesus and receive His healing power. And if we aren't, may our friends be eager to help us. In the end, we all receive the power of the Lord. We are in this together, united in faith, united in prayer. May we go though this Monday seized with astonishment and glorify God. Struck with awe then, we say, "We have seen incredible things today" (Lk 5:25-26). I believe, help my unbelief. 


© Gertrude Feick 2020

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