Thursday, March 28, 2013

How Do We Serve

Pope Francis is a man who is leading his Church by example.  Today he is holding Holy Thursday services at a prison for juveniles on the outskirts of Rome.  He showing us how to serve the marginalized, the poor, those shunned and feared by society.  He has told us this week that we are not to be a complacent 99% but rather extend a hand and a heart to the most vulnerable and disenfranchised.  Live Christ's Gospel of love not only in the Church or Monastery, but in the world. With that message of love we enter these most sacred days of the Church calendar.

At Redwoods we began the Triduum with a chapter talk by Sr Kathy, Abbess.  She emphasized the importance of our images of God; how they influence our relationships with one another and even extend into the world. The liturgy today exposes a radical new view of a "God with us." It is Christ who feeds us with his body and blood and washes our feet in personal service.
Hear the entire Holy Thursday message: