Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Christmas Season

It's now almost February and the Church calendar is propelling us toward Lent. But before we leave Winter all together I would like to recount highlights of Advent and Christmas 2012 at Redwoods Monastery.

Every Advent at Redwoods is begun with the making of the Advent wreath. The sisters gather at Vespers of the first Sunday of Advent with greens collected from the surrounding forests. We lay our green on the wreath with an intention for this Advent time - an intention that will help us prepare our hearts for the coming of Christ.

This past year, Sr Kathy gave the following chapter talks to help prepare us for the Coming of the Lord.

First Sunday of Advent. 
Second Sunday of Advent:
Third Sunday of Advent:

Christmas Eve in the monastery is marked by the placing of creche figures. Each community member makes their own figure from clay and bits of cloth and other decorations. This Creche is up for the entire Christmas Season and sits just in front of the altar. It is a tangible reminder of the Humility of God who become flesh for our sake.

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